I have searched several websites to find the answer but finally I had to come up with my own solution.

You will need…

1. Blackberry phone

2. Blackberry transfer cord to PC

3. Blackberry PC software

4. Samsung Galaxy S phone

5. Wireless Internet Connection

6. A gmail account


ps: If you don’t know how to carry out an step,just copy paste the text in any reasonably good search engine and you will get the answers!

1. Transfer your contacts from BB to the backup software.

BB not needed anymore!

2. Export your contacts Outlook Address Book

3. Export your Outlook address book as CSV file.

Will need WiFi Internet Connection now!

4. Log in to your google account from the PC and use the import contacts function.

5. Choose the CSV file generated by outlook. Google will import the contacts.

Assuming that your Samsung Galaxy S is connected to the Internet

6. Open your Samsung Galaxy S phone and sign into the Google account.

7. Goto Setting -> Accounts and Sync -> Manage Account (yourlogin@gmail.com). Ensure that Sync in On option is turned on.

Voila. Your contacts of Blackberry have now begun coming in the Samsung Galaxy S

ps: In your Samsung Galaxy S contacts, please ensure that you viewing Google contacts along with your SIM / Phone contacts.

Happy synchronising!